Wondering what is Exoguard and how to invite it? Look no further!


Exoguard is a Discord integration that provides more security to your server.

It allows you to lock any role behind an additional authentication layer (TOTP) by using an application such as Google Authenticator for example. You should already be using two-factor authentication on your Discord account, the principle we use is exactly the same.

Once a user logs in with Exoguard on a server where everything has been configured, they will obtain their assigned roles until they log out or until their session expires, whichever comes first.

We have designed Exoguard to be an easy-to-use, hassle-free Discord bot. It entirely works with slash commands on your server, it doesn't need any complicated dashboard or additional registration.

Adding Exoguard to your server

To use Exoguard, you will need to invite it to your server with the Manage Roles permission. If you click on the above link, it will already contain all you need to get started with our integration.

It requires the Manage Roles permission because it is needed to give and take roles.

Making sure Exoguard can assign roles

Once added, make sure the bot's highest role is above all the roles you want to manage:

Once you have moved the bot's role to where you want it to be, save your changes:

You can keep Exoguard under the roles you don't plan to manage, just make sure your staff can't kick or ban it from your server once they are logged in. This can happen if they have any other role that is higher than the bot, for example a Staff role that isn't managed by Exoguard.

TL;DR: be careful about the Discord roles hierarchy. If the bot is unable to give or take an assigned role, you can use the /config roles check command to quickly identify what is causing the issue.

Getting started with Exoguard

Once you have properly added the bot to your server, please follow our Quick Start tutorial.

It will guide you over the essential steps to get started with our integration and how to use it.

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